6 Diciembre 2023
Psaki says US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG were part of the so-called "first tranche" of sanctions and did not come in response to new escalation overnight
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The UAE Nuclear Regulatory Authority says the Barakah reactor is safe from attacks and its protection standards are high
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Incident at power lines in Saratov left 32000 citizens without electricity. Issues with water supply in the city
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All objects of critical infrastructure of the capital region are taken under protection by divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, - Minister Denis Monastyrsky
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Ukraine's President @ZelenskyyUa says western sanctions on Russia for its action in separatist-held eastern Ukraine must include a shutdown of the Nord Stream 2 Russian gas pipeline
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EXPLOSION Emergency crews are on the scene of a reported explosion at the Marathon refinery in Garyville
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St. John Emergency Management Office confirms an explosion at Marathon.
Very heavy fighting can be heard in this video from Schastia in the Luhansk region. A fuel station is burning
Luhanska power station near Schastia has stopped generation as power lines were cut as result of shelling
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Blinken: I discussed with my Saudi counterpart the Russian military reinforcement near the Ukrainian border and energy security
Prime Minister of Poland @morawiecki in Brussels: I am convinced that @vonderleyen has better recognized Russia's role in gas blackmail. We also talked about support for the protection of the border with Belarus, but it is not about the dam
Damage at 110kV substation near Horlivka1 año atrás
Damage at 110kV substation near Horlivka
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Khamenei: They know Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. But they make absurd, senseless claims on how close Iran is to making a bomb. We seek peaceful use of nuclear energy. They know this, but they want the Iranian nation to face difficulties when it needs nuclear energy in the future
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Khamenei: The world is becoming increasingly reliant on nuclear energy every day. We too will be in urgent need of peaceful nuclear energy sooner or later. If we do not think about this today, tomorrow will be too late and our hands will be empty then
WSJ reported that Saudi is snubbing US demands to up production, sticking with Russia, member of OPEC+
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Boris Johnson: 'All European countries need to get Nord Stream [2] out of the bloodstream - yank out that hypodermic drip feed of Russian hydrocarbons. We need to find alternative sources of energy, to get ready to impose some very, very severe economic consequences on Russia.'
South Africa's largest refinery, the 170,000 bpd SAPREF refinery, a 50-50 JV between Shell and BP, says it will pause operations "indefinitely" in March and is considering its sale
U.S. reaches out to foreign producers in Algeria on gas options - sources
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Germany's gas storage levels 'worrying': ministry
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Nord Stream 2 has become a tool of pressure on Moscow, - Russian Deputy FM Ryabkov
McConnell says German chancellor at dinner confirmed if there's a Russian invasion, Nord Stream 2 wouldn't go ahead. McConnell though says sanctions should be imposed ahead of time. "I don't think Putin will be deterred by any piece of legislation in the United States Senate
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Russian nuclear energy company Rosatom reported that several Russians who worked at the construction site of the Ruppur nuclear power plant died in Bangladesh
German Chancellor @OlafScholz confirmed during press conference with @POTUS that Germany will abandon oil and gas as energy source until 2035
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Energy supply is limited in Abkhazia - due to a drop in the water level in the reservoir of the Inguri hydroelectric power station, the entire territory affected with rolling blackouts
Russia doesn't hesitate to use the energy supply to Europe as a weapon for geo-political gain, states @JosepBorrellF
Amid "a gathering storm cloud our discussions take a greater relevance," @JosepBorrellF tells @SecBlinken, speaking of the need for greater energy security for Europe
This is a "truly critical discussion and one that could not be more timely," says @SecBlinken, beginning remarks at the US-EU Energy Council. As Europe tries to get through the winter, "Russia has attempted to increase its energy leverage
Europe energy security threatened by Russian aggression, states @SecBlinken
Gazprom did not book Yamal-Europe gas pipeline capacities thru Ukraine and Poland until October
Greece is ready to supply gas to Bulgaria for basic needs, in case Russia disrupts deliveries, Greek media report1 año atrás
Greece is ready to supply gas to Bulgaria "for basic needs", in case Russia disrupts deliveries, Greek media report