6 Diciembre 2023
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Blackout in Sviatoshinsky district of Kyiv after shelling damaged power lines
German Foreign Ministry: We strongly condemn the attacks on civilian infrastructure in Saudi Arabia
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The Federal Minister of Economics wants to make Germany independent of Russian energy supplies as quickly as possible. But he urgently warns of the dangers that Ukraine war means for local supplies
German Chancellor: We will break free from dependence on Russian gas sooner than many think
PGNiG: Paweł Majewski, the company's CEO, resigned1 año atrás
PGNiG: Paweł Majewski, the company's CEO, resigned
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Chevron's oil production venture in Kazakhstan — which operates the country's largest field — is curbing output due to issues at a supply link on the Black Sea
Houthi missile hits Aramco oil facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia1 año atrás
Houthi missile hits Aramco oil facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Biden: We do not want Putin to be able to strengthen his forces and finance his war, so we announced a ban on energy imports from Russia
Russian cyber actors targeted US and international ICS/SCADA and energy facilities, attempting to cause damage to systems and supply chains. Today, @FBI & @DoJ announced criminal charges against four MCAs, most from FSB Center 16, for targeting civilian critical infrastructure
Indictment by @TheJusticeDept of Russian gov actors' (from MoD Research Institute and FSB) work over the years to compromise global energy infrastructure. The efforts to compromise safety systems of oil refineries in Saudi and US are disturbing
New alert from @CISAgov, @FBI, and @ENERGY: It documents historical cyber activity of Russian state-sponsored cyber operations. and assesses that there is an ongoing threat to the U.S. energy sector
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Libya's National Oil Corporation: We can increase production to overcome the world's energy crisis
President Biden says the U.S. is coordinating with the G7 and European Union on food security as well as energy security, and he'll announce more on that tomorrow
Any demand by Russia to receive payment in roubles for its gas exports would represent a breach of contract, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Thursday
Financial Times, citing sources: America plans to supply Europe with 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied gas by the end of 2022
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IAEA: Firefighters were trying to extinguish wildfires near Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine told the IAEA. Slight increases in caesium air rallys detected in Kyiv and at two nuclear power plants, but they did not pose significant radiological concerns, it said
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Russia's demand for gas payment in rubles a 'breach of contract': Germany
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Putin ordered government to receive payments for Russian natural gas from countries in "unfriendly countries list" in Russian Ruble
Storm damaged equipment to load oil at Novorosiysk port, 2/3 of capacity lost. Reduction of crude export estimated at 1M barrels per day
Some top US officials today discussed with 16 CEOs how to respond to disruptions by Russia to global markets and supply chains, especially for energy and agricultural commodities and identifying "alternative sources of supply for key goods
The Biden administration said Friday it would resume plans for oil and gas drilling on federal lands
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Saudi Arabia declares that it is not responsible for the lack of global energy supplies in light of the attacks of the Houthi militias
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IAEA: Ukraine has told us that the Chernobyl nuclear plant is working with half its staff
The pipe collapsed at a thermal power plant in Petropavlovsk
Confirmed: Internet connectivity on provider Volia in Kherson in south Ukraine has collapsed; real-time metrics show connectivity at 2% of pre-war levels; provider reports outages due to power cuts, which come amid anti-occupation protests
French Finance Minister: We hope to get out of the energy price shock in the coming months
Iran is aiming to raise its oil exports to 1.4 million barrels in 24 hours, said a minister Saturday. Instability in global markets due to Russia's invasion have led pundits to believe Iran will play an important role in future exportation of the resource
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German Economy Minister: We are worried about gas supplies next winter if Russia cuts supplies
Belgium postpones the shutdown of its nuclear reactors by 10 years and is considering its energy options due to the war in Ukraine
Power is out in @townofmatthews1 año atrás
Power is out in @townofmatthews